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Media Platforms- Adshels

Bus shelter panels give uncluttered showcases for advertising, there are usually two per shelter, in glass, backlit frames.
They provide 24 hour visibility to traffic at high-circulation locations, usually along main roadways of metropolitan markets.


The size of the adshels can vary depending
on the size of advert featured.

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“Adshel advertising (often misspelt as Adshell) is one of the most common forms of outdoor advertising in the UK. Adshel posters are more commonly known as 6 sheet posters and are what most people would refer to as bus stop posters. It is easy to understand the attraction to this kind of marketing, especially by the big brands. A typical national six sheet poster campaign can be seen by 70% of the UK population in only a 2 week period. That is approximately 43.5 million people viewing the advert and most of those people will see the 6 sheet adverts time and time again over the duration of the OOH campaign (OOH stands for Out Of Home advertising). Of course they are also used on a smaller scale to promote local events by cinema’s, theaters, night clubs and alike too.

Adshel poster advertising exposure

All kinds of billboard advertising will gain great exposure for your brand but as mentioned above, a national Adshel advertising campaign will reach a huge amount of the population with a short time frame and repeatedly advertise to many of them on a daily basis. They can be seen during the day but also at night as they are displayed in illuminated display cases – most usually at bus stops around city centers and suburbs.Whilst other billboard campaign are often highlighted with lighting it’s not quite the same as the illuminated displays. For this reason, Adshell six sheets are one of the most effective street advertising mediums.

Printing Adshel posters

Adshel poster printing is fairly specialised due to its large format. Whilst for smaller campaigns the 6 sheet posters printing can be done digitally, for larger campaigns it simply has to be done on a large format litho press. There are a number of digital machines capable of printing up to 6 sheet size but only a handful of litho presses in the country. The other requirement for printing 6 sheet posters, like many outdoor posters, is that they must be printed with UV resistant inks. This is to make sure that they don’t fade after constant exposure to the sunlight. Big Litho can supply both short run digital 6 sheet posters and longer run adshel posters. If you are looking to start an Adshel campaign then it’s definitely worth having a chat about our adshel printing service.

6 sheet poster size and resolution for printing

There are two main sizes for 6 sheet posters and like any large format poster printing it is important that the artwork is set correctly. The most common size is the Adhsel size but JCDecaux (Who own a great deal of the UK’s illuminated advertising boxes) have their own JCD 6 sheet size too. Below are the two 6 sheet size formats:

  • Adshel size -1800 x 1200mm
  • JCD 6 sheet size – 1750 x 1185mm

If you are running a campaign to run 6 sheet posters in JCDecaux boxes and other advertisers boxes you will need to know quantities for each and adjust the artwork accordingly. If you are running a larger campaign that requires litho printing you can save some  money by ensuring that the copy fits within the viewable area for both and then having the posters for the JCDecaux boxes trimmed to the smaller size without losing any of the advert. Big Litho can help with adjusting your artwork accordingly.

As for the image resolution this is a disputed point depending on who you speak to. For most handheld print such as brochures and leaflets you would be advised to stick to 300dpi as a minimum and the same would be said about anything viewed from 1 meter away or less.Bus stop posters are viewed from a varying range of distances with some people passing by in a car or walking at the opposite side of the road and others being very close stood by the bus stop itself. However due to the size of the posters (taller than most men), those that ares stood that close will most likely not be the ones captivated by the advert as one would ideally need to stand back to view the full poster and it’s message. It’s also very unlikely that many images can be obtained in 300dpi such a large size. Ideally we would recommend having your images set to 150dpi where ever possible but we have printed 6 sheets as low as 72dpi and they have looked perfectly acceptable to most. What is often more important than the actual resolution is the quality of the original image that is being used.”

Anon, nd, big litho [online] available at

Advertising Costings

5p for every click for pay per click for advertising.

Magazines start at around £1000 per colour page and go above £10,000 per page in certain publications.

For billboards it is around £2000 for mobile billboards on vehicles to £7-8000 per month for large billboard advertising on the roadside.

Anon, 2014, Advertising Costs, my, [online] available at accessed 30/03/2014



“PVC Posters Prices
1 x 16 sheet PVC Poster (Long Life weather durable skin) £100
1 x 48 sheet PVC Poster (Long Life weather durable skin) £200
1 x 96 sheet PVC Poster (Long Life weather durable skin) £400
Price (per billboard) 1 month 3 month 6 month 12 month
London 6 Sheet (3ft x 6ft) £300 £825 £1,500 £2,700
Regional 6 Sheet (3ft x 6ft) £250 £675 £1,200 £2,100
London 16 Sheet (6’6ft x 10ft) £500 £1,425 £2,700 £5,100
Regional 16 Sheet (6’6ft x 10ft) £400 £1,125 £2,100 £3,900
London 32 Sheet (13.5ft x 10ft) £550 £1,575 £3,000 £5,700
Regional 32 Sheet (13.5ft x 10ft) £450 £1,275 £2,400 £4,500
London 48 Sheet (20ft x 10ft) £700 £1,950 £3,750 £7,200
Regional 48 Sheet (20ft x 10ft) £650 £1,800 £3,450 £6,600
London 96 Sheet (40ft x 10ft) £1,400 £3,900 £7,500 £14,400
Regional 96 Sheet (40ft x 10ft) £1,300 £3,600 £6,900 £13,200
London Square (10ft x 10ft rear illuminated price per face) £650 £1,875 £3,600 £6,900
Billboard Poster Production Prices
1 x 6 Sheet Light emitting poster £80
1 x 16 Sheet poster (Blue Back Paper) £100
1 x 16 Sheet Corex (Long Life, Weather durable sign) £200
1 x 32 Sheet poster (Blue Back Paper) £150
1 x 32 Sheet Corex (Long Life, Weather durable sign) £300
1 x 48 Sheet poster (Blue Back Paper) £200
1 x 48 Sheet Corex (Long Life, Weather durable sign) £400
1 x 96 Sheet poster (Blue Back Paper) £400
1 x 96 Sheet Corex (Long Life, Weather durable sign) £800
1 x London Square Light emiting poster £350″

Anon, 2014, Rate Card, Directional Media, [online] available at accessed 6/5/14


“An ad on the side of a bus stop on a busy high street could cost about £300 for two weeks’ exposure.

The average cost of outdoor advertising is around £200 per week for a standard 48 sheet billboard.”

Anon, 2014, Outdoor advertising – making a big impact, The Market Doughnut, [online], available at accessed 5/4/14

Side of Bus advertising

T side bus advertising £300 for four weeks.

Anon, nd, busads, [online] available at accessed 5/4/14

Media Platforms Billboards and Bus advertising

“There are a variety of formats of billboard advertising available to marketers ranging from 64896 sheet billboards, HD and backlit billboards, to guerrilla marketing and premier sites. And on top of the formats, you have thousands of locations and hundreds of media owners to choose from.

Current figures from the Outdoor Advertising Association tell us there is over £200 million per annum spent on billboard advertising formats – knowing where to place you advertisement with each individual supplier would take up a tremendous amount of your time. With so much in the mix it can become frustrating to plan an effective campaign, therefore OOH International has designed a bespoke system that can be tailored to your budget.

Many marketers know where they want to advertise on a billboard, however, with a mass of advertising agencies and media owners with billboards situated around the UK, OOH International will save you time and money in engaging with these media and ensure you get a strategic billboard advertising campaign where and when you want it.”

Anon, 2014, Billboard Advertising, Out of home international, [online] available at accessed 4/5/2014

Bus advertising

Bus exteriors

A bus with a full rear surface advert, and a side panel advert fitted in special guides


Adverts are often placed as basic rectangular motifs on the side or front of a bus. These may be applied directly to the bus. Additionally, adverts may be printed on placards known as boards, which are slotted into special guide fittings attached to the side of the bus.

Partial and full adverts

Occasionally, the entire surface of a bus is turned into an advertisement. This can be a whole side or rear of a bus, or a scheme applied to the entire exterior, known as an ‘all-over advert’ bus.”

Anon, nd, bus advertising. accessed 4/5/2014

Pop up studio and item research

For the pop up studio I have decided to use an inflatable marquee because they are simple to manoeuvre, lightweight which is good because they will be able to pop up in different towns and cities relatively easily and move around quickly with ease.

Here is my research on inflatable marquees.

“Inflatable Cube Marquees are perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor events, where a modern, professionally branded structure is required to promote your brand.

We custom design every Inflatable Marquee, and no job is too large or small. Our Inflatable Marquees are manufactured using a range of PVC tarpaulin materials, and are inflated by mains powered external fans that constantly pump air into each side of the marquee.

We offer a range of finishes, including flat panel and honeycombed walls, and although white is our most popular colour we can manufacture your marquee in almost any colour. A variety of options are available when designing your marquee, including doors and windows, ventilation panels, transparent wall sections, sliding entrance doors and much more.

Our in-house design team will work with clients to create a structure that meets their exact requirements, and both our design and consultation services are completely free of charge. Every marquee, regardless of size, can be digitally printed with your company branding as required.


  • Strong, durable PVC tarpaulin material that will last for years
  • Custom designed to your exact size, shape and colour.
  • Full digital printing available for a stunning finish.
  • Powerful 240v mains powered blowers.
  • Some models can inflate in as little as 5 minutes
  • All door and window positions and sizes can be customised.
  • Ventilation panels can be included for air conditioning or heating.
  • Free design and consultation service.”

Inflatable Marquees

Anon, 2014, Instant Awnings, Inflatable Marquees, [online] available at accessed 8/5/14



Keyring Printing at Vistaprint

“Full-Colour Keyring Printing

“Drive your message home to your customers with personalised keyrings. Customise a keyring with your company’s contact information and give out to both new and loyal customers – with a few extra to pass long. Choose from dozens of designs.

If you don’t have a business, don’t worry. Keyrings are also great for your personal life! Use them to organise everyone’s keys or add them to your kids’ winter jackets to help zip them up. Keyrings are also a great prize to give out at family picnics or children’s parties.

You can also make a keyring into a luggage tag. You’ll never pick up the wrong suitcase in baggage claim again! Choose a unique design that you can easily identify, and add your contact information so you know your luggage is yours for sure.”

Vistaprint, 2014, Keyring Printing, [online] available at accessed 8/5/14


Photo Mugs – A touching personalised gift that will bring smiles all year round.

“Let your friends and family see the people they love over their morning coffee with personalised mugs from Vistaprint. Photo mugs give your loved ones and colleagues a gift they’ll appreciate every day and are perfect for the holidays or other special occasions.

Not only that, but personalised mugs are fun and easy to make too. With over 1,400 different templates to choose from, you’ll easily find the right design for your recipient. After choosing your template, simply:

• Add personal text, an image or a logo to your photo mug

• Include up to four photos

• Order as many mugs as you’d like

Choose from three different photo arrangements: centred, in a collage or wrapped around the mug.

Whether your personalised mug is a birthday or anniversary gift, a Christmas present or just for you, custom mugs give you the opportunity to connect with those you care about.

Stumped on what to get your employees for Christmas? Create photo mugs with a fun image of your team along with your company name. Not only will they appreciate the gift, they’ll prove it by using their mug every day!

Winter holidays are all about spreading joy and cheer to those you love. With photo mugs, you’ll do just that, all without breaking the bank. At Vistaprint, if you don’t love everything about your mugs, let us know and we’ll make it right – guaranteed. So pick your template, choose your options and start creating your own personalised mugs today.”

Vistaprint, 2014, Personalised Mugs, [online] available at accessed 8/5/14


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