Possible Outcomes

What will my possible outcomes be?

I am going to create a promotional package for the organisation
Models of Diversity.
I am going to do this through a series of advertising mediums.
The features that are actually going to be advertised are.

Press adverts

An online competition where anyone can take selfies of themsevles. These pictures will be entered into a competition and the winner will get the chance of a modelling photoshoot.

The image opposite is an example of my initial ideas.DSCF6090

Initial Ideas- Scamps

I created a brainstorm initially to start to put my thoughts and ideas down on paper to begin to come up with a few workable concepts which would reflect the Models of Diversity messages about how practically anyone can be a model if they have the right attitude. The message that I have decided to get across in the campaign I choose will be about how diversity in modelling is a positive idea and some how also try to find a way of showing how this concept came about because of how over time, peoples attitudes have started to change about the way we mow want more if an idea of how the clothes we buy will reflect the everyday person, meaning that as the population are different sizes, heights, races, and abilities. There is a growing need to see a better representation of the everyday person in fashion.


Quote concept

This first initial concept came about from researching some famous people who have written or spoke quotes about the diversity of people in the world. I felt at this initial stage using quotes by famous people such as Maya Angelou, Caroline Pulsifer and Jintao Hu who are all from different races, hence a diverse range of people. The different range of people should produce different views on diversity, however, I found that after doing some research into this quote concept, people generally had the same idea about diversity in which that it is a good idea and should be celebrated.

However, I found this I idea of using quotes and just having copy based adverts with such a visually orientated brief, it would make more sense to have a visual concept rather than quotes, which personally I thought was a bit obvious.

DSCF6086 DSCF6087 DSCF6088

Beauty Essentials Concept

This next initial concept I created was the idea of how it is essential to have diverse models in fashion advertising to show that they are really needed to show the full range of what is beauty. I decided to use images of what generally people consider as beauty essentials or what are called beauty tools. For this concept I used a product shelf above a sink, a beauty palate, a grooming/manicure set and a set of make up brushes.

DSCF6103 DSCF6104 DSCF6105 DSCF6102

Selfie with question campaign

For this concept I decided to have images of some of the featured models on the Models of Diversity website and incorporate them into a campaign-able idea. After doing some in depth research into the diversity in beauty campaigns I decided that for this one there should be a direct question to generate the opinions in the options given. The options given are  the words beautiful, different, or both.

DSCF6092DSCF6096 DSCF6094 DSCF6109   DSCF6095

My chosen concept- Opinion & Selfie Campaign


I want to create a campaign for Models of Diversity that helps get the message across which is that “beauty comes in all shapes and forms” I will create a campaign which will include; adshels, billboards, bus adverts, the Models of Diversity website and social media. The imagery I will use for my campaign will be a mixture of images which cover plus size, racial diversity and disability and which Models of Diversity have already produced and the rest will be people’s ‘selfies’. By combining the used images and selfies it will hopefully get across the message that beauty comes in all different shapes and forms because both sets of images will show the average everyday person and it will be a better representation of the different kinds of beautiful people there are in the world.


The campaign will be communicated to the public through a variety of media. They will include adshels, billboards, bus adverts the Models of Diversity website and social media.

The campaign will feature a series of diverse models which have already being used in Models of Diversity campaigns or in any other photoshoots thy have participated in. The final poster will be a mirror with the same copy and logos.

The theory behind it is that these images will appear with some body copy which will say whether the women are either beautiful?, different?or both? These specific words were chosen because as the meanings behind them are similar, they will guide the audience to the interpretation that the women are either beautiful?, different from what they usually see? or both?. This words any be subject to change.

The final poster is going to be about how women from Models of Diversity describe themselves and how the target audience can do too.

Development of my final concept.

I decided to choose the question and selfie concept as my final concept because I felt that the idea of using images of the models who have been successful with models of diversity will be the better option to choose. The questions part of the adverts for the copy is open to change because as my development goes along I may choose completely new copy instead which suits my campaign better.

My initial ideas for my concept based on a the question whether the audience of the adverts will either see the women in them as either; beautiful, different of both. This was my initial idea because I thought that having a question featured on the advert and leaving it up to the target audience to answer it and interpret the advert in their own way.

I decided that I will create a four-poster campaign. My concept of the images and the questions will run through the whole campaign . This idea of using an image and text together for my idea will become clear later on.

Here are my initial scamps for this idea.


DSCF6117 DSCF6119

My images initially were chosen specifically to have a broad representation of the different kinds of people which are represented by Models of Diversity. On these adverts the women featured have all been in a professional photoshoot situation with their images featured in either magazines or on the internet. The idea behind it is that because they have all been in situations to do with fashion, then generally they are seen as they possess the kind of beauty which makes their images included in fashion publications.

The use of the questions I have used is to leave it up to the public to answer because this way a better rounded answer will come about because the adverts will have been seen by the general audience  and therefore I think it would be better to get an answer about whether or not diverse models should be used because if it is the public who answers these questions then the images will be a better representation of the public in general, rather than just using skinny models who don’t represent the majority.

Development 2

I decided that maybe the use of one word questions with the question mark at the end seemed a bit too blunt and verging on judgementally negative. By getting rid of the question marks and replacing them with tick boxes and using them to create an interactive campaign which people could press which answer they wanted and the votes tallied to get an overall answer.

I felt that this part of the campaign is just the same as the question idea and therefore shelved.

DSCF6120 DSCF6121 DSCF6122 DSCF6123

At this stage I decided that using the tick boxes to generate an initial public opinion would not be the best way to take forward this campaign. I felt that using tick boxes on a limited number of possibilities would not only be constricting my concept, but would be too similar to the Dove Campaign of Real Beauty.

DSCF6135 DSCF6136 DSCF6137 DSCF6134

Here are the ideas in landscape form with the additional copy.

Using the tick boxes and question marks together still did not much make much sense at this stage because I felt that the copy was asking the same question twice. Once because with the question marks as one word questions by themselves and again with just the tick boxes which made it seem that the question was invisible but still there in a sense of having multiple choice answers which needed a question to go to.

Development 3

Here are the changes I have made to my campaign so far.


The Copy

The copy in these adverts has been the most challenging part in constructing this campaign. Firstly, my initial ideas for the copy were that using public reaction to fuel the meaning behind this campaign wouldn’t work, meaning that I believed the campaign would not work just on its own with one word questions. So I decided to look at sentences instead. As this campaign was about women finding the belief inside them to try to go for a career they thought was beyond their reach unless they are ultra skinny. Using statements which come from the diverse models point of view shows a tone of voice which is created to make it look like that the statements of beauty come from the models themselves.

I have had several different initial ideas for this because as there was more than one advert in this campaign, finding and creating a series of statements about beauty which were all weighted equally with the same amount of quality was difficult.

For the main copy I had to find a series of statements which went together on all of them. Finding an idea for this meant I had to take out the facts of what made the women in the images I used their specific claim to diversity out of the concept because the idea behind Models of Diversity is about equality. Although they are there because they are not represented fairly outside Models of Diversity, to have an overall message of that the organisation stands for, I had to create a series of messages which covered the whole range of talent represented at Models of Diversity, meaning that no matter if you’re plus size, tall, short, ethnically diverse or have a disability, which ever one of these categories you fall under, every one at Models of Diversity is treated and represented in the same way. This is because as it says on the Models of Diversity website, everyone who wants to be a model must work for it, no matter if you’re a catwalk model or plus sized.

As diverse models are unfairly represented the series of statements about beauty I created were, as I’ve just explained about all diversity and how it is beautiful.

Development 4

To further my progress in this campaign, I decided to look at the layout of my adverts because I felt that I needed to do some changes to the layout of my adverts.

As audiences tend to read adverts from the top right hand corner down, I felt that the first element which will more than likely be seen was the main copy. I wanted this to be the first thing that people saw in the adverts because it would grab their attention with the concept for example “I am beautiful because I am unique.”  I have decided to change the layout of my adverts by putting the main copy in the top right hand corner and having the image to the left. I feel that this way the copy, as it is a statement it will seem like it is being made from the woman in the image. As I have three different kinds of women representing three characteristics of Models of Diversity, one plus size model, one disabled model and one ethnically diverse model, by having these with three different statements will reflect their own personal ideas on beauty.

DSCF6138 DSCF6139 DSCF6140

The fourth advert is going to contain a mirror into which people can see themselves and with the message ” You are beautiful because you are yourself” then the idea will be to persuade people to enter the competition for a chance to be represented by the organisation.


The returns in the £5000 budget for Models of Diversity will come because there will be more than one winner of the competition and if they are successful in getting work, then the organisation will get commission from the work the models do, hence, a return on their investment.

I am going to use a mirror on one of my adverts because I want it to be part of the interactive side of my campaign.

1. The target audience will view the adshel posters and the billboards and take in the information.

2.If they then go one to read the body copy at the bottom of the adshels they may be persuaded to interact with the campaign by taking selfies of themselves and sending them to Facebook or Twitter to have a chance at the modelling competition.

3. Further engagement will come from the contest details which will be situated on the Models of Diversity website and Facebook and Twitter to check out the competition by viewing the other selfies.

4.  There will be a possibility for more engagement with the campaign because I have decided to include a pop up photography studio which will be in towns and cities across the UK where the public can have an on- the – spot professional photograph taken at the cost of £5.00. This price may seem a little steep for just one photograph but with it you will also receive a selection of items with the photograph on it. These items will include a keyring, a mug and a fridge magnet. All of these items will have the photograph on them and will also include a statement from the public member about what they think makes them beautiful.

By charging £5.00 per person, if this campaign is successful enough and reaches the vast majority of its intended target audience, then the initial budget of £5000 will be made and a profit too.

Here are my ideas fro the pop up studio, magnet, mug and photograph and keyring.

DSCF6142 DSCF6143 DSCF6144 DSCF6145 DSCF6146


These are my final scamps for my poster campaign.

nice drawing 1 nice drawing 2 nice drawing 3 nice drawing 4


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