Project Background

The subject area I have chosen to base this topic on is the fashion industry. I am going to investigate the relationships between the fashion world and advertising worlds. There are many issues within this relationship, but I am going to focus this project on the issue of ethical advertising in relation to how fashion advertising can affect self esteem and body image. I will investigate the reasons why this is and analyse what is being done to combat it. Advertising in general always has different types of target audience demographics, so in general, different people have their attention caught by different things. The fashion world promote their products in a variety of ways in which customers are enticed to purchase them. By analysing the ways in which fashion goods are advertised, I will be able to determine how and to what extent the products are advertised, the imagery featured in the adverts, is not exploiting the women who model them. Fashion marketing in Britain is generally done by using a technique that is called the “promotional mix of advertising”(Jackson,T, 2001). The promotional mix of advertising includes public relations, sales promotion, visual merchandising and the internet. The representation of women in particular has been an issue for years in adverts. As attitudes towards women over the years has changed in general. The attitudes to representing them correctly in the media has not changed as much. This project therefore will covers the issues and possible solutions to the representation of women in the advertising industry.

Design Brief

To create an integrated campaign through a variety of media to feature to an ethical and non immoral answer to the question of women being represented fairly in fashion advertising. Print, press, ambient will not be enough to have a fully engaging message. I am going to look at other factors that are involved in this issue such as internet advertising, and possibly TV advertising. I have always had an interest in this field and by using the skills I’ve learned throughout my time at university, I aim to be able to create a solution to this issue through art direction and from my research into fashion advertising I have done while researching for my dissertation which outlines and analyses the issues but does not come up with a solution to the problem, whereas this will.

Informed by other modules and experiences

My skills learned from Advanced Copy writing and Art Direction and from Advanced Campaign Media focused on different areas of my skills which I want to incorporate into this module. The first of these focused on me developing my Art Direction skills further, by using idea generation and concept development. From my Advanced Campaign Media module, the skills that I will use from this will be my research skills when it comes to establishing knowledge and pinning down the demographics of my chosen subject area.

Proposed contacts

An art director within the advertising industry.

Fashion Experts








Brainstorm various issues and ideas that are of interest and begin some initial research



Gain access to potential contacts and begin comparative research



Conduct questionnaires about what people think about the issue of having images altered



Continue with the research and begin to draw conclusions.




Summarise research and prepare for the Research Position Statement



Define market and conduct demographic research and begin to identify ideas



Begin the initial design stage using the findings from the research.





Prepare to pitch my design ideas for the Design Position Statement Presentation





Continue to develop design ideas and decide on the strongest idea to take on.



Develop final design idea and begin to create final piece.





Continue working on design outcome and consider evaluation methods.





Evaluate and analyse feedback. Time allowance for slippage and possible redesigns.





Prepare pitch and presentation boards for the Design Progress Presentation





Allow time for printing or publishing depending on the design solution.





Finishing touches and hand-in of main project





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