On reflection of this project, I believe that I stuck to nearly every point I made of my project proposal. I created the promotional package that I wanted to create. I created this along with a integrated and interactive campaign which I had hope for. I think I got the tone of voice which I wanted which was more fun than witty but at the same time informative of peoples views.

I believe that my campaign clearly addresses the issues surrounding attitudes to diversity in the fashion industry. I believe this because as Models of Diversity is emphasized on how people have still got to work hard to become a professional model, that means not just being diverse but the hard work has to be put in too. I believe my campaign of showing the models point of view in the adverts gives and shows the opinions of hard working, professional and diverse models. They are giving a reason they totally believe in as to why Models of Diversity represents them.

I stuck to my creative outcomes in terms of adshel adverts, billboards and social media. However, I felt that after further research, my campaign could go a bit further in terms of more audience interaction. The way I did this was to create a situation where the people behind the campaign could physically meet the public. To this I opted to have a pop up studio where people could have a professional photograph taken and buy it. This works for my campaign in several ways:

1. The use of just one professional photograph may entice the audience to want more done so to do that they would need a selfie to win the professional photoshoot.

2. When the photograph is bought, the audience will get several freebies with their photo on it.

3. The function of people buying the photos will, if proved popular will generate enough money to cover the original budget of £5000.

4. The use of the statements made by the models is re-emphasized through the statement about beauty the audience can make which will appear on their mugs, keyrings, photos and magnets.

The difficulties I faced whilst doing this project was finding possible media avenues to make this campaign work on a more customer engagement level. What I did to combat this was to create a pop up photo studio which will pop up in towns and cities around the UK. This will enable more direct contact with the public in order to get the message out about the use of diverse models in the fashion industry.

My campaign was more of a recruitment campaign by encouraging more of the diverse people that is the public, to encourage more pele to be willing to represent the majority to show a more realistic view of who buys fashionable clothing.

I decided to choose the question and selfie concept as my final concept because I felt that the idea of using images of the models who have been successful with models of diversity will be the better option to choose. 

My initial ideas for my concept based on a the question whether the audience of the adverts will either see the women in them as either; beautiful, different of both. This was my initial idea because I thought that having a question featured on the advert and leaving it up to the target audience to answer it and interpret the advert in their own way.

At this stage I decided that using the tick boxes to generate an initial public opinion would not be the best way to take forward this campaign. I felt that using tick boxes on a limited number of possibilities would not only be constricting my concept, but would be too similar to the Dove Campaign of Real Beauty.

To further my progress in this campaign, I decided to look at the layout of my adverts because I felt that I needed to do some changes to the layout of my adverts.

By doing this I managed to make my campaign look a lot better and it also gave me new ideas on how to make my campaign more integrated.

Overall, I feel that this project went well because after all of my research I now have a better understanding of a subject I am interested in and I believe that this gave me the ability to create a campaign I think reflects the important messages of Models of Diversity.



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